Synergy Audio Visual, one of the nation’s leading audio video distributors, has chosen the Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show as the event to premiere two eagerly awaited audio products.

The well-appointed Synergy AV suites will serve as vehicles for the Australian premiere of the new Rega Planar 6 turntable with Ania Moving Coil cartridge, and Elac’s Adante compact loudspeakers.

Visitors to the Rega display rooms will have the unique opportunity to hear two world-class audio systems and the full range of the new Cambridge Audio Azur 851 series of components.

And in a coup for the show, attendees have the chance to meet and chat with the brand’s International Sales Manager, Tom Groves who will be on hand to talk about Cambridge and audio topics in general.

System 1 in Room 1204 will comprise Cambridge 851 series electronics, Rega Planar 6 turntable, Ania MC cartridge, Elac Adante speakers, Chord cables, a hand-made Quadraspire rack with bronze upgrades and MoFi vinyl records and CDs.

System 2 in Room 1308 will showcase McIntosh Pre and Power Amplifiers with the brand’s latest CD transport, a MoFi Ultra deck turntable (recently reviewed here), Sonus Faber Serafino Tradition speakers, Quadraspire SVT rack, Chord Signature interconnects and MoFi vinyl and CDs.

The Cambridge Azur 851 series features integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, flagship upsampling DAC, CD player and preamp, flagship DAC, a flagship network player, floor standing speakers, phono amplifier and a Bluetooth audio receiver.

This award-winning series has been designed without any compromise, and each component in the series has undergone thousands of hours of testing and tweaking resulting in what is undeniable reference standard hi-fi.

Music lovers have eagerly awaited the Rega Planar 6 turntable and Ania cartridge. The all-new turntable features a super light weight foam core plinth, single piece aluminium sub platter, clear glass platter, custom machined drive pulley, patent pending, ultra low friction central brass hub and Rega’s double brace technology for rigidity.

Elac’s Adante range comprises the AS-61 compacts, AC-61 centre and AF-61 floorstander. Finish of the range is benchmark class, and the technology inside each model is revolutionary.

Italy’s Sonus Faber is one of the most desirable speaker brands on the planet.  The Serafino Tradition finished in violin red is worth a visit to the show on its own. But powered with McIntosh’s legendary pre and power amps, even more so.

The Serafino is a floorstander named after Santo Serafino, a master who trained at the workshop of Nicolo Amati. It has a violin-shaped cabinet all the better to control internal resonances.

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