Australia's own SGR Audio is poised to be a significant drawcard at this year’s International Hi-Fi show with three well-stocked rooms that are bound to thrill music lovers.

In one room SGR Audio will showcase its world standard CX4F Mk.2 4-way active speakers.

These speakers will be part of a high-end system comprising an MSB Reference DAC, Brinkman Bardo Turntable, and an exquisite SGR Audio rack.

For those new to SGR Audio, the show provides an opportunity to experience first hand what this world-class, Melbourne based specialist manufacturer delivers to the discerning audiophile and music lover.

The CX4F floor standing speakers are a compelling, high-end statement designed wholly and manufactured in-house by SGR.

An imposing model they’re equipped with a 1-inch soft dome tweeter that has a linear extension to 30kHz but minus the hard edge typically created by metal domes.

Midrange chosen for the CX4F is a 2-inch soft dome that is superbly smooth and has a linear response over the critical mid and upper vocal band. This ultra expensive purpose-built driver is fitted with a low distortion Neodymium magnet motor structure.

Augmenting the 2-inch midrange is a 6-inch paper mid-bass driver that is built with a heavy cast aluminium frame.

No corners have been cut on the CX4F. The front baffle is 50mm thick and is a sophisticated design that minimises diffraction. A touch of luxury sees the baffle covered in luxurious black leather.

SGR developed and designed the speaker’s amplifier in-house overseeing every part of the circuit and overall design. The result is a world-class 4-channel amplifier configured in Class AB mode and one that works with all analogue active crossover circuitry.

Recently upgraded to Mk2 status, the CX4F's built-in amplifiers employ a world-first technology known as "current-drive." You can read more about that here.

The amplifier moreover offers individual hi, mid, and mid-bass +/- 3dB level adjustment, plus and an adjustable subwoofer output that achieves a perfectly aligned 80Hz LR4 response with centre detent +/- 6dB adjustment.

And in what’s news for music lovers with difficult rooms, the CX4F has selectable room gain compensation settings to tune the bass response to suit any room.

Complimenting the bass tuning circuitry is a sophisticated parametric equaliser with variable frequency, level, and bandwidth. It covers 30Hz to 300Hz at +/-12dB.

Both speakers are supplied with a linear external power supply fitted with a substantial custom-built transformer and a massive capacitor bank.

The CX4F is as we said, a world-class product built by a world-class audio manufacturer. They’ll be a formidable presence at this year’s show.

The signal source chosen to provide a pedigree signal to these high speakers is no less than the fantastic Brinkmann Bardo turntable which was developed after years of research by Helmut Brinkmann.

The high-end DAC chosen for SGR’s reference class exhibition is no less than the celebrated Reference DAC by MSB Technology.

The SGR system will be housed in one of SGR’s hand-built audio racks. All SGR racks are modular, customisable, highly damped, and are built with the most precision and impeccable finish that only SGR could achieve with their 100% in-house manufacturing facilities. Rumor has it that SGR is releasing something new in their hi-fi rack range at this year's show, more details should unfold over the next few days.

SGR Audio’s Signature rack is an object of audio desire and has visco-elastic vibration isolators which convert vibrations to heat, constrain-layer damped timber platforms and solid anodised aluminium crossbracing.

SGR’s second display room will feature a system comprising SGR's latest Discovery Series DS3, a 2.5-way passive floor-standing loudspeaker driven by Karan Acoustics amplifiers and a Chord Electronics DAC.

Room three will see the high-end Holton Precision Audio Mono Amplifiers driving SGR's new flagship DS Voyager 3-way passive speakers along with an MSB DAC V, JAVA HiFi Triple Shot Preamplifier, and an SGR Audio rack.

Holton is rapidly gaining a reputation as a no-compromise high-end audio manufacturer, and the monoblock amplifiers are a testament to the brand’s growing global reputation.

The amplifiers are true mono in design, using fully balanced topology construction with the entire power supply, protection, and audio amplifier circuitry built into a 2mm 2-ounce copper-gold plate board.

Hearing the Holton amplifiers at last year’s show left us impressed with their sublime sound. This show represents an opportunity not to be missed to hear what Aussie high-end audio design offers audiophiles.

SGR Audio is also offering show attendees the chance to win a pair of their Discovery DS1 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers valued at $8500. Pick up your entry form at the ticket desk on arrival.

SGR Audio will feature in Rooms M3 and M4, and 1206.

Tickets on sale now.