Kit Walker, alias the Phantom attired in a full-fitting, purple panty tight hose was my hero as a kid.

When the Ghost Who Walks In Tights slugged you, he left a skull mark indelibly forged on your chin. Those were the days, eh?

Devialet’s Gold Phantom doesn’t ride a white horse or live in the jungle. But like dear old Kit, it has plenty of grunt, as visitors to the Interdyn suite are about to discover at this year’s Melbourne International HiFi Show.

Devialet Gold Phantom

On paper at least, it’s rated at 4500 watts. That’s 50 percent more wallop than the amazing Devialet Silver Phantom, a model that’s rated off the sales chart despite its $3590 price tag.

The new Gold Phantom released earlier this year is $4690, about $1000 more than its Silver sibling but hey, look at all the extra watts you can unleash on friends who think the Phantom Gold is a miniature homage to Tom Cruise’s space shuttle in the movie called Oblivion.

Whatever your take on the Gold Phantom’s eye-catching post-modern styling, one thing to bear in mind is it plays amazingly loud. Very, very loud.

So imagine what a 5.5 channel configuration of Gold Phantoms will sound like when they’re thundering away in the Interdyn suite at this year’s hi-fi show. Pure Gold, we’d say.

And devilishly clever as well. The Gold is wireless, streaming-enabled and with optional supports can be tree, treepod or wall mounted. The Phantom Gold has a gorgeously decked out spherical chassis, and its sound dispersion is omnidirectional.

You can buy and enjoy a single Phantom Gold, or if you land the Lotto, you may choose to link up to 24 in your new McMansion.

Interdyn's two suites are high on our list to visit. They will house Rotel’s just released 1572 series of components, products from OPPO, Pro-Ject, Ortofon, Polk and wait for it, PMC speakers.

We’ll also be doing a Usain Bolt to Interdyn’s thoughtful Ortofon CartridgeLab that offers visitors the unique opportunity to compare selected moving magnet and moving coil cartridges against each other.

Better than a wallop to the jaw by a man in purple tights, by a long shot.

Visit Interdyn in Rooms 1208 and 1209.

Tickets on sale now.