Launched in 2016, the Melbourne International Hi-Fi show is on track this year to earn the mantle of Australia’s Best Audio-Video Show three years in a row.

This year the show will feature more Australian Hi-Fi and Home Cinema brands in one place at one time, than ever before.

The contingent comprising world-famous brands includes VAF Research, Krix, Hulgich Audio, Lucie Audio, DEQX, Elektra, Holton Audio, Legend, M8audio, Microphase Audio Design, Osborn, and SGR Audio will be just one of the drawcards of the show.

With media partners including Soundstage! Australia, TechRadar, StereoNET's international publications in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, plus Dubai TV & Media in attendance reporting for their local market, Australia's manufacturers will get their chance to shine in the global spotlight.

There you have it, over a dozen world-class Aussie manufacturers from around the country to wave the national flag this October.

Tickets are on sale now.