Audio Active’s room at the 2017 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show is bound to be packed to the rafters.

Our advice is to get in early if you want to get up close and personal to the Paradigm Persona 9H speaker, that is arguably one of the best on the planet.

Priced at a heady $44,999 Aussie dollars, the Persona 9H is a treat for the eyes as well as the ears.

A top-shelf statement by Canadian based Paradigm, the exquisite sounding 9H is crammed full of vanguard materials and the brand’s most advanced audio technologies.

This isn’t hype. Proof positive of the 9H’s showcase features include beryllium midranges and tweeters echoing Yamaha’s legendary NS1000 model.

Paradigm stands out by using diaphragms made of 99.9 percent pure Beryllium moreover these are formulated to be stiffer but crucially much lighter than other premium diaphragm materials.

What you’ll hear when the 9H is in full flight will be a gobsmacking transient response, total transparency and nil audible colouration.

The 9H is part of the extensive Persona range that comprises the 7F, 5F and 3F floor standers, Persona B and C stand mounts, Persona SUB subwoofer and B29 and B18C dedicated stands.

The 9H will be powered using a selection of Luxman high-end amplifiers.

Less pricey but still consummate speakers in the Audio Active showroom (M6) is Vienna Acoustics $7000 Baby Beethoven that recently gained a rave review in Stereonet and another in Stereophile magazines.

Part of the Concert Grand Range, the Beethoven Baby Grand is a 3-way design using the brand’s patented dual 6-inch X3P Spider Cone Woofers, a single 6-inch X3P midrange driver and a 1-inch hand coated Neodymium silk dome tweeter.

Audio Active will also display a comprehensive range of the latest Primare models equipped with Prisma technology.

And in what is a coup for the show, Audio Active will be hosting Primare’s General Manager, Siemen Algra, to attendees. Mr. Algra will be happy to demonstrate and discuss the new range in person.

Primare's Prisma series takes its name from the way a prism provides a complete spectrum of colours from a single point of light.

Show goers will be able to hear and explore the $6499 Model 135 Prisma integrated amplifier, the $4499 CD35 Prisma CD player, the $2799 Model 115 Prisma integrated amplifier, the $2499 Model CD15 Prisma CD player and the $2200 Prisma Model SC15 Streamer and System Control hub.

Selected Isotek and Van den Hul products will complete the comprehensive Audio Active display.

Be sure to visit Room M4 at the Melbourne International HiFi Show between November 3rd - 5th 2017.

Tickets on sale now.