Redgum, proudly Australian and a popular global audio brand knows how to put an ear-to-ear grin on audiophile faces.

It’s giving away its new RGDAC8 DAC as a prize at this year's Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show.

All you have to do to be in the running to win this sweetest of DACs is visit Redgum and Legend Speakers in Room 1308, fill in an entry and wait for the draw.

Redgum’s design goal with the RGDDAC8 was laced with a determination to manufacture a Hi-Res, USB DAC that’s dead accurate and sounds good.

The brand’s DACs have a long history and a huge following because they have always been asynchronous models with ear pleasing sound.

Redgum's first DAC was released to popular global acclaim way back in 1997. What it had in common with the RGDAC5 and the RGDAC2 was an asynchronous circuit that fully clocked each digital stream and reshaped these in a separate, additional chip.

This chip also provides the buffer for the storage of the data stream in real time, effectively removing any jitter issues.

Redgum has made a USB input a feature of its DAC’s and CD player for decades. The RGDAC8 builds on that history thank to the brand’s long and evolving design expertise.

The RGDAC8 costs $999 and this price includes a 2 metre dedicated USB cable with gold-plated connectors and blue LED as well as a one metre Redgum RGAP-1 Audio Pipeline OFC interconnect.

For more information visit Redgum.